One of the courtesy attitude to older people is

One of the polite attitudes to older people is to respect them with a polite attitude and prioritizing politeness in communicating and interacting.

Some examples of politeness to older people include:

Greeting them kindly when you meet them.

Address them with appropriate names, such as "Sir" or "Ma'am" followed by their name.

Listen attentively when they speak.

Use polite language and avoid harsh or inappropriate words.

Respect their opinions and views, even if they differ from ours.

Provide a seat or provide an opportunity for them to speak first in the conversation group.

Avoid interrupting or interrupting them when they are talking.

Be humble and not arrogant in their presence.

Appreciate their time and effort in helping or giving advice.

Being polite to older people is a form of respect and respect for their role and experiences in life. This reflects a culture of mutual respect and maintaining good relations in society.

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